After a season of high wind, hailstone and rain storms several roofings are damaged. Remediations for this roof is required. Aloha Construction Inc is the company dealing with roofing and sliding. The company expects a good season of service to the residents of Northern Illinois. Since its founding, Aloha Construction has experienced a forward growth. With the new website the company seeks to gain more clients as it would ease up the time of getting the services. The portfolio aims to improve the quality of houses by launching restoration services later this year.


The CEO of the company Mr. David A. Farbaky said that 2013 was their year after they managed to complete 7000 projects in Illinois. In 2014, they were able to complete 20,000. He continued by adding that 2015 will be the year that they focus on giving quality services to the people of South Illinois through their Blooming office. The office has many workloads and is nearing the Lake Zurich offices he said.


Mr. Farbaky stated that they were focusing on making the life of the people of Midwest easier. He added that their growth has been because of making people happy and experience quality services. Their growth has seen the establishment of a new branch in the Aloha building. The branch will focus on natural disaster aid, remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms, water extraction, and interior restorations.


About Aloha Construction Inc


It is a family owned company, and its headquarters is based in Lake Zurich. It consists of insured and bonded contractors who provide services to all South Wisconsin. The residents of Lake, Cook, McHenry, Dupage are assisted by the lake Zurich branch while Bloomington Office assists those from Peoria, Tazewell, Washington, Champaign Counties and McClean.


The company has got the whole of Midwest covered with over 17000 complete projects in areas such as Peoria, Washington, Libertyville, Hoffman Estate, Bloomington, Vernon Hills and Gurnee just to mention a few. The company is insured for ten years and is licensed, and its craftsmanship has a warranty.