Securus Technologies Helping the Correctional Authorities Keep Contraband Phones Away

Developing a contraband interdiction technology has been one of the priorities of the correctional firms in the past few years. It is primarily because the use of contraband phones inside the prison has been increasing in the recent years. Even though many security measures have been duly implemented, the prisoners somehow manage to get the contraband phones. The use of contraband phones by the prisoners is dangerous and must be stopped under all circumstances as in the otherwise case; it can lead to a lot of issues for the law enforcement and correctional agencies. Many of the officers have died due to the illegal use of contraband phones inside the prison, which has caused planned violence inside as well as outside the prison. If the prisoners can freely contact whoever they want while incarcerated, the entire idea of being jailed is contradicted.


One of the companies that have been working closely on the development of the contraband interdiction technology is Securus Technologies. The company has helped in the event of many unique and advanced correctional products and services, including the investigative services for the law enforcement agencies. The use of contraband phones needs to be stopped if the crime rate inside the prison as well as outside needs to be controlled. One of the inmates at the Evans Correctional Facility used a contraband phone to shoot a video and posted it online on Facebook. It put the entire correctional fraternity in embarrassment and also showed how vulnerable the penitentiary authority is. Even after years of effort to control the contraband phones’ flow in the prisons, there are tens of thousands of contraband phones still in use in the prisons. It is what has been causing the correctional agencies to worry about the safety and security of the prisoners as well as the officers.


The wireless containment system developed by the leading correctional firm, Securus Technologies, has been tried, tested, approved, and licensed for use in the correctional facilities. At present, the wireless containment system by Securus Technologies is the only such technology available in the market and is sanctioned by the FCC for use in the correctional facilities. It has proved to be highly useful and efficient, and the company plans to add more features to it in the future to make it even more efficient in what it does.


In the eight facilities served by Securus Technologies where it was installed, the wireless containment system managed to stop more than 1.7 million illegal communications. Robert Johnson, a well-known former corrections officer, currently work with Securus Technologies as a consultant. Robert Johnson was shot six times in his stomach and chest for confiscating contraband phones and believes that these phones pose as a significant threat to the society and can contribute heavily to increase in crime rate.