The Work of Heather Parry Including A Section On A Star Is Born

Heather parry is the president of live nation production. She began her career at MTV news at the age of 22year. She worked with Happy Madison before leaving for Live Nations for over ten years and she managed to produce “The house of bunny”, “just go with it”, and “pixels”. Example of her company’s work is her involvement in production of one of best films of the year,”A star is born” by Bradley cooper and Lady Gaga.

Heather Parry

She quietly launched her production company in December 2015.She lives a LinkedIn profile and hardly do she lets any opportunity slip ,and that’s the energy she came with in Live Nation Productions.Since launching of the company, it has produced Sean “Didy” Combs Documentary “Can’t stop won’t stop :A bad boy story”, “Five foot two” doc by lady Gaga, the Eagles of death metal documentary and scripted film “The after party” which was starred by wiz khalifa, Teyana taylor and French Montana.Already, its latest release, “Believer” has received an astounding reception and managed to be runner-up out of 123 films at festival favorite award. Gaga’s “five foot two” won NME’s best music film award.

Heather is a brilliant, self-driven and ambitious to do great things and she has, for the past few years promoted music-related films, which led to production of “A star is born”.Waiting for release are films from pop singers Noah Cyrus and Kim Petras and its debut television-series project “First cradle to stage”, which is based on the book by Virginia Hanlon Grohl who is also the mother of Founder of Foo fighters Dave Grohl. The book includes stories from musician moms like Dr. Dre’s mom Verna Griffin, Marianne stipe, Janis Winehouse, etc.

She is targeting to work with Jay-z and Beyoncé and think there is place for them.

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