Eli Gershkovitch -Brains in the Beer World

Canadian Craft Beer is one of the leading beers in the world that is tested by world famous beer testers and brewed by the best. The beers are affordable to many people and can be shipped to your door step. Their beers are; Craft Curious, Craft Fan and Craft Geek.


Canadian Craft Beer was founded in 1995. Craft Beer sales have always shown an upward trend since 2009 even when the per capita of other beers consumption continue to drop.Some of the best Canadian Craft beers include Canadian IPAs which is traditionally brewed in England. They have Imperial IPA which it has 7.0% alcohol, and it is flavored with zesty and citrus aftertaste making it bitter (http://www.steamworks.com/brewery). Red Racer is also their real deal with flavors that are west-coast inspired, from sweet, easy to drink to barrel-aged sour taste. They also have Canadian Lager which makes a total of 56% of sales in Canada. Others include; Black Cat, Light Side of the Moon, Canadian Stouts, and St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout among others.


Eli Gershkovitch is well known in the beer industry (YouTube). He serves Steamwork Group of Companies as its CEO since 1995. His hard work and dedication have seen the organization grow from 184 seats to 754 seats. He is also the one behind the company’s expansion by setting up a shop in Waterfront Station together with Transcontinental Restaurant (CalgaryHerald). Eli Gershkovitch has been the brains behind the transformation of Gastown events, making them the top coolest events.


Eli Gershkovitch has seen Steamwork brewery grow to bring up to 50% of revenue which has transformed it from a local brewery to worldwide brewing factory. He credits his success to the fact that they ensure brand quality and good will of their products. He makes sure he has maximum control of the market.


Eli Gershkovitch has over 21 years working with craft beer. He has firsthand information on beers and has commented craft breweries for always leading the vision and for being the most creative.