School Of Fashion Celebrates Over 20 Years At New York Fashion Week

When it comes to events during the fashion year, there’s nothing quite like New York Fashion Week, which has become one of the largest fashion events in the world. Through this time, it’s become known as a showcase that can make or break a potential fashion designer’s career. However, it’s also become one of the most effective ways to highlight new and innovative talent in the industry while also showcasing several different looks and styles. The Academy of Art’s School of Fashion has known this for much of its history; as a result, the educational institute has been showcasing its own talent at the event for over two decades.

The majority of these designers are recent BFA or MFA graduates who have shown a significant degree of talent while also having quite a unique flair. Over the past twenty years or so, the School of Fashion has brought hundreds of different graduates there, showcasing a countless amount of collections. Throughout this time, this has helped a significant amount of their recent graduates to begin their career in the industry. Perhaps one of the most significant of these occasions was in September 2017 when the Academy of Art’s School of Fashion was celebrating its 21st appearance at the New York Fashion Week. With this, they brought ten different MFA and BFA graduates who had each developed quite a broad range of selections to showcase at the event.

According to reports, five different womenswear collections were on show, as were two different menswear selections. Furthermore, it was noted that there were two different collaborative collections unveiled during the event. These collections represented quite a broad range of inspirations and look; this was primarily because the designers taking part were a diverse mix of backgrounds. With that in mind, there were participants from as far away as mainland China, as well as in unexpected areas such as coastal Maine. However, this only served to offer a unique insight into the growing trends and inspirations from around the world. As a result, the collections received quite a positive reception from the audience, which included a significant amount of notable figures from around the fashion world.