All 5 in One Hair Wash

Have you ever heard of a hair product that contained a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one bottle? This product is called ‘Wen’. This product was created by Chaz Dean. If you haven’t heard of Chaz Dean before, then I am pleased to inform you that he is a successful stylist in Los Angeles, CA. He has a huge clientele of celebrities, see He also has his own hair shop which is located in Hollywood. It is called “Chaz Dean Studio”.


According to, the purpose of Wen is for women to have the ability to wash their hair avoiding damaging their hair with harsh sulfates that are contained in other hair washing products. It was also created to make washing your hair so much easier. WEN is known for women to use one product that blends all 5 products you need to have your hair manageable healthy. This QVC sold product will make it easier for you to maintain healthy hair with just one easy procedure. What’s unique about this product is, it contains ingredients such as natural botanicals and herbs. This will also provide a healthy and moisturized effect to your hair than any other brand Shampoo or conditioner would. By far this is one of the greatest product that I have ever heard. The greatest idea someone could think of. Any woman would dream of their hair washing process to be that simple.


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