Jeunesse Global allows customers to shine with beauty through Luminesce

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are not yet household names. But the company that they founded back in 2009, Jeunesse Global has become one of the most popular brands in the global cosmetics and health business. The company has experience absolutely phenomenal growth, growing from a garage-based hobby business into a billion-dollar company in just short of nine years. Today, Jeunesse Global count tens of thousands of distributors among its ranks serving millions of customers worldwide.

All of this growth was the product of a simple stroke of serendipity. Founders Ray and Lewis had recently decided to try out the life of retirement. After more than four decades of building some of the most successful companies in the North American direct-selling business, Ray and Lewis had decided that they would like to sit back and enjoy some of the fruits of their decade-long labor, spending more time with each other as well as their increasingly large number of grandchildren.

But Ray and Lewis quickly discovered that the retired life was not anything like what they had imagined it. Rather than having an enjoyable time while playing shuffleboard and sipping tropical drinks by the side of the pool, the innately industrious couple quickly grew restless, longing for the excitement and sense of purpose that came with running their own business and interacting with motivated and intelligent people. Before they knew it, the couple was back spending more than 60 hours per week growing their neonate enterprise. They quickly brought on board some of the top direct-selling experts in the world who helped them to begin growing the business at breakneck speed.

But the real secret behind the incredible growth of Jeunesse Global has been the ability of the company to spot underserved market niches and to quickly develop highly effective products to fill those market gaps. One example of such a product is a company’s moisturizer and skincare lotion, Luminesce. Luminesce not only performs admirably as a standalone skincare lotion and moisturizer, but it also is able to pack one of the most powerful anti-aging punches of any product currently on the market. This is due to the fact that it includes the company’s proprietary anti-aging formula, APT-200.

Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal Complete The Aspire

The Aspire, a modern housing project that was started several months ago has been completed. People who are based in New Jersey and are in search of great and modern residential houses are welcome to visit the facility and choose the house of their choice. According to the Boraie Development, there are over two hundred and thirty units in the project. All of the residential houses in this facility have the state of the art features, and their primary goal is to enable people to have the experience they have been dreaming about. The Aspire has a great location, meaning that it is easy to access the building from all corners of the state.

People who currently have cars should worry about the safety of their cars when they start renting the facility. The residents in this place are allowed to enjoy great parking, and they do not have to worry about the safety of their cars. The recreation places are unique and entertaining to all members of the community. People who want to live in the facility can enjoy all the shopping activities they have been dreaming about. The modern features in this area have made it one of the most sought in New Jersey and its environs. This great project has been made possible by two individuals. Shaquille O’Neal and Sam Boraie planned and executed the plan to build the house, and they are happy about how things have turned out.

Shaquille O’Neal was brought up in New Jersey, and he always had the chance to play with the various clubs that were available in New Brunswick. There were so many things to be proud about in this region, but with time, buildings started getting worn out, and the beautiful city was no longer attractive to the people who were coming to visit. Many residents started to look for alternative places to live because they felt that the buildings were too old. The modern consumer is always interested in beautiful housing, and this means that it was very difficult to impress them. To see more you can visit


Boraie Development gave Shaquille a helping hand so that he could help in reviving the beautiful city back to its former glory. Although there are many organizations that are performing well in the city, few saw the need to refurbish the old buildings. The founder of Boraie Development shared a vision with Shaquille, and this is why they have been working together so well. You can checkout for more details.



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