Talkspace Shows that Online Therapy Can Help you Deal with Depression

Therapy is incredibly important for any individual, not only necessarily those who are being affected by a mental disorder or who have problems in their past, but also for those that want to get more in touch with themselves and understand better how their minds work.

Online counseling or online therapy is something that, to many people, cannot work or is false advertising, but the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Talkspace shows otherwise. In fact, the champion swimmer Michael Phelps tells the world otherwise, but we’ll get more into that later.

Online therapy can be used to nurture your mind and help you improve your life with simple changes, but that have drastic effects. It is said that most individuals have small, but very obvious monsters that are stopping them from developing their full potential. It is just a matter of shedding light at them.

Michael Phelps, the incredible swimmer, winner of countless awards and trophies, shared monsters with millions of other people in the world. Those monsters were anxiety, depression, and numbness. Most people wouldn’t believe that such a successful individual would have to deal with mental health disorders like depression, but this mental issue does not choose its victims.

What Talkspace wanted to prove is that it is just a matter of perspective. Looking at your problems and your circumstances from a different angle. Michael Phelps wanted to try their services, after all, the website had more than 2000 licensed therapists, and overwhelming feedback online from real users.

On the words of Michael himself, for him, he was the strongest person that he knew, but, at the same time, the weakest.

Michael suffered from depression and spent days not wishing to leave his house, compete, or live, for that matter. The life of challenges, constant competitions and extreme anxiety that surrounded him were destroying him, and Michael decided to subscribe to Talkspace and try to improve his life with professional help.

According to the athlete himself, Talkspace didn’t solely cure his mental health issue out of nowhere. However, the professional help coupled with being open with his family and friends, and, more importantly, with himself, changed his life.