Dr. Sameer Jejurikar in Bangladesh

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a Texas-based plastic surgeon and physician. He has the most extended experience among the Texas plastic surgeon, and his expertise has helped in paving the way for his international and local relations and refers. According to Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, it is important to have passion in whatever you do.

He gives his main secret to the success he has achieved over the years, and it is ensuring that one keeps in touch with the current trends when treating their clients. He is among the most sought after plastic surgeons all over Texas due to his excellent reputation of perfect aesthetic enhancements.

Most recently, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was performing his aesthetic surgeries in Bangladesh. The operations involved the repair of the cleft lips for close to 50 clients. The trip to Bangladesh was in collaboration with an organization named Smile Bangladesh which is a missionary organization that aims at making sure that as many people as possible get help from good courses. According to Dr. Sameer, he received so much support from very many clients who paid not less than $400 for each session.

Dr. Sameer also introduced the Brazilian butt enhancement that was received with so much positivity. The enhancement procedure helps make a person’s butt bigger and rounder with lesser saggy skin. It has been a trend from celebrities like the Kardashian family, and the fact that Dr. Sameer delivered the service to women who needed it in Bangladesh was quite surprising.

Dr. Sameer has been popular with his work because he takes time to understand exactly what his clients need and it ranges from changing completely, to even restoring the former body type after the occurrence of cases such as pregnancy and even overall weight gain. He mentions that understanding your patients is essential if one wants to deliver quality and satisfactory service.

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Herbalife Nutrition Sales Features and Advantages

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. is going on the top among investors. As stocks of 68.7% flow on a year-to-date basis as compared with the industry’s decline of 0.1%. The company is gaining from quality volumes in key markets as well as bulky products’ portfolio and global presence. However, negative impacts on the industry are due to currency fluctuations that need to be considered. Over the last twelve months, the revenue growth of Herbalife has been 24.00%. In 2017, Herbalife’s net sales of 71.8% were accounted in the top ten nations of the world. Then in the third quarter of 2018, volume points increased by 15% to 1,506.9 million that exceeded management’s projections. This got the second highest volume points achieved by the company.

However, currency fluctuations weighed on the gross margin in the third quarter of 2018. Management expects the falling situation in the fourth quarter of 2018 performance. Further, the company exposed that leads to hard competition from other retailers as well as distributors of nutritional products. Then it is expected that the company’s extensive business, focus on their brands, and a strong direct-selling network that will lead to high performance and enable the company to overcome these hurdles. Such growth drivers and a high past performance encouraged the management to raise earnings for 2019.

Herbalife sold its products in 91 countries and had a network of 3.9 million members or distributors, approximately 0.2 million members were in China. The direct-selling channel is ideal for marketing Herbalife’s products because personal contact builds more trust. Thus, leading to increased sales of weight management, nutrition, and personal care products. Moreover, members consume the products and can provide first-hand testimonials of the effectiveness of the products to their customers, which can serve as a powerful sales tool. Most of the members join to receive a discounted price on family products. Members also have the opportunity to gain profit by selling the products. Once members achieve certain qualifications, they can earn Royalty Overrides or commissions on sales.

The main three advantages of the Direct Sales Model include brand name recognition as it has been around for 40 years. It is in the list of top ten direct selling companies in the world as well as have strong relationships with over 91 countries. The second advantage is flexibility for the distributors as they can work according to their schedules in the free hours of the day. The third advantage is personal relationships that the direct sales model depends on consultants or distributors who work with their customers directly and maintain good relations. So, by considering these advantages, individuals encouraged to join Herbalife as it also offers training opportunities and educational materials to its distributors. In 2019, it can be an excellent opportunity for students to join and explore Herbalife brand and take the benefit out of it.




Ashley Brasier role at Lightspeed Venture Partnership

Ashley Brasier grew up admiring her father’s architectural work; she would sit down with him to draw, sketch ideas and build things. She later learned in school that she preferred prototyping business ideas rather than actual building. After graduating she started working at Bain shortly where she was running simulations with her clients. She later joined Thumbtack where she was wire-framing product ideas for the company. She believes that prototyping is key in gathering ideas and giving feedback to clients. She says that this is one of the necessary tools for building entrepreneurial

It is through her prototyping skills that she entered Lightspeed Venture Partnership as a consumer investing team. This was the beginning of Ashley Lightspeed relationship as she believed in prototyping as a way of solving issues within an organization. Her role at Lightspeed, therefore, involved finding startups that can work for the company. Her passion at work made her a notable employee. She says that business is an art that needs a passion for realizing results. Employees who are committed to working hard and meeting the goals of an organization can make a difference between achieving success or failure.

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Ashley Lightspeed partnership

Today under her leadership and guidance Lightspeed Venture Partners have been able to help over 300 startups. It can be noted that Ashley Lightspeed relationship has played a great role in this kind of success in the company. Some of the companies that have had successful startups include Affirm, Nanutix, and Mulesoft, Elemental, and Girlboss. Ashley attributes the success of these businesses and others to the ability of the company with her contribution to solving issues they face through prototyping. She adds that companies which want to score in the competitive world will need to incorporate the art of prototyping into their business cycle.

Read: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/thumbtack-study-predicts-2016s-biggest-wedding-trends-300216979.html


Impact Investment and Vijay Eswaran

Concordia is á non-profit, non-partisan organization in whose objective is usually to facilitate partnerships focused tówards enhancing global culture most importantly. The Concordia annual Summit occurred from Sept 24-25 on the Grand Hyatt NY. This bróught collectively loudspeakers from various sectors to inches progress vital global discussións and change conversations into actions. inch Eswaran led comméntary regarding influence expense and talked about the vital role of womén business owners in Of India and East Asian marketplaces. He also discusséd the need for education running a business and entrepreneurship. Educatión, stated Eswaran, is a simple flaw in lots of Parts of Asia. In accordance with Eswáran, there exists a detach of types generally in most Cookware universities bétween base, programs, professors, and college students.

Regarding Vijay Eswáran

Vijay Eswaran, foundér and Executive Cháirman of the Ql Band of Businesses, is upon á conversing tour óf many occasions in NEW YORK. So far, hé provides voiced at the Concordia Summit upon effect expense and át the Globe Economic Discussion board on gender párity. Vijay Eswaran is definitely a Malaysian business owner, philanthropist, international spéaker, and writer of six books. His latest book, published in 2016, can be permitted Two Moments from the Abyss-11 Pillars of Life Administration. He’s the founder ánd Executive Chief óf the QI Band of Businesses, a multinational conglomerate with héadquarters in Hong Kóng and Kuala Lumpur. The Ql Band of Businesses operates in a lot more than 30 countries worldwide. In 2006, Eswaran founded the RYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations, which usually promote community advancement and females empowerment, and suppórt kids with special requirements in The African continent, Asiá, and the center East. In 2011, he founded the Quest International University Perak (QP), among the fastest developing universities in Malaysia. Eswaran also foundéd QNet Limited, á business based on a mixture of immediate offering and é-commerce.

Chaz Dean Makes Changes To Women’s Hair With Wen Hair Care Products

So you find yourself with hair that is not easily manageable or that is lacking shine and bounce. If this sounds like you, maybe you should check into Wen by Chaz Dean. His products are great for creating a full head of hair that is bouncing, shining and even manageable.


There comes a time in your life when you know that something just isn’t working anymore. There comes a time when everyone says, “That’s it, I’ve had enough”. If this is you with your hair care products, Wen by Chaz is the answer you have been looking for.


If you are someone who has to use something to keep your hair looking beautiful all day, the WEN by Chaz Nourishing Mousse might be something to consider. The mousse is going to let your hair be soft and manageable while still holding its shape. It will help your hair to be less frizzy while still providing air-dried hair. Not only is it going to help you to hold shape, it will also help to create volume and body. If this is something that you use on a daily basis, the lightweight formula is going to be better for your hair overall than the store bought mousse’s found in your beauty aisle of your local superstore or online on Amazon.

If you have natural frizzy hair, you know how important it is to find a hair product that is going to help to prevent frizz but without damaging your hair. The Wen Anti-Frizz styling crème is going to do just that. It will leave 95% more of your hair unbreakable after a single use when it is left in your hair. It will help to bring back moisture that you have been lacking while helping to make your hair shiny and full of body.

More information on Wen can be found on wikipedia.org.

Need Wen? Click here: https://www.qvc.com/wen/_/N-1z141dz/c.html

All 5 in One Hair Wash

Have you ever heard of a hair product that contained a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one bottle? This product is called ‘Wen’. This product was created by Chaz Dean. If you haven’t heard of Chaz Dean before, then I am pleased to inform you that he is a successful stylist in Los Angeles, CA. He has a huge clientele of celebrities, see inc.com. He also has his own hair shop which is located in Hollywood. It is called “Chaz Dean Studio”.


According to Yahoo.com, the purpose of Wen is for women to have the ability to wash their hair avoiding damaging their hair with harsh sulfates that are contained in other hair washing products. It was also created to make washing your hair so much easier. WEN is known for women to use one product that blends all 5 products you need to have your hair manageable healthy. This QVC sold product will make it easier for you to maintain healthy hair with just one easy procedure. What’s unique about this product is, it contains ingredients such as natural botanicals and herbs. This will also provide a healthy and moisturized effect to your hair than any other brand Shampoo or conditioner would. By far this is one of the greatest product that I have ever heard. The greatest idea someone could think of. Any woman would dream of their hair washing process to be that simple.

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Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Pro

Nick Vertucci is a real estate expert, founder, and CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real estate Academy (NVREA). The academy, founded in 2013, has received national acclaim for investment training. To put this into perspective, the company revenue growth between 2014 and 2017 was 259%. Consequently, the Inc. 5000 named NVREA as one of the fastest growing private company in the US.

Nick’s story is one of the rags to riches. After experiencing a massive loss in a computer system business, he picked himself up and started a successful career in real estate investment. During his lowest days, Nick visited real state training and gained a new investment mentor. Thereafter, he built another successful career and came up with NVREA idea. Today, Nick travels all over the country speaking to students. He equips students with knowledge and encouragement necessary to become lucrative and successful investors. Some of the lessons NVREA program teaches include commercial investments, IRA’s and 401k’s leveraging for investment funding, contracts flipping and wholesaling and asset protection. Nick Vertucci is currently one of the most sort-after educators and speakers in the real estate investment business.

Vertucci’s Book

In April 2018, Nick launched his first book “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. The book is an investment guide and a personal account of how he lost everything in faced his fears, changed the mindset and built his fortune. Specialist Kevin Harrington did the book’s special forward from Shark Tank. Similarly, Dean Cain, a renowned actor, and producer, endorsed the book. Nick’s book is rated 5 stars on Amazon and has sold numerous copies. Nick hopes that the book will be a helpful guide for people experiencing hardship in their businesses. In his endorsement, Kevin Harrington says the book is a story of rags to riches, to rags again and back to riches.


After spending several years in learning the ropes in real estate business, Nick Vertucci’s educational programs equip students with tools and expertise to succeed in real estate investment. If you dream of succeeding in real estate investment, Nick Vertucci story is worth following.

Neurocore: The Best Mental Health Facility in the World

The brain serves an essential role in the life of human beings. Experts always say that this part of the body determines the kind of life we live because it is crucial. Taking care of your brain is very important. This is because the organ will determine how you will feel, talk, behave and relate to the people who are close to you. The medical experts who specialize in this part of the human body are still conducting medical research so that they can understand this organ more and even come up with solutions that will enable people with problems to be cured. So far, these experts have been doing a great job, and they are even planning to explain more about the body part in their upcoming research. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurocore is a special facility that was established by medical professionals who wanted to focus on the health of the brain. The medics felt that the people who were dealing with mental conditions were not being given the attention required, and this is why they felt that it was their duty to change the world in a positive way. Neurocore has improved medical research using the modern technology, and it has brought treatment options that are effective and better to the people who have various mental diseases. Neurocore can never be compared to the rest of the mental institutions that are in the world. The professionals in this company have not been disappointing its customers, especially those who are suffering from depression, ADHD and other complicated problems.
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Excelling in the market can be tough, especially when a sensitive organ of the human body is involved. Neurocore has shocked the rest of the world because of the milestones it has hit, several years after joining the market. The company has made sure that the employees working in the facility understand their roles well so that nothing goes in the wrong direction. The professionals in the facility are experienced, and they have received their medical training in some of the leading medical schools in the international community. Working with these professionals has won hearts of customers from all over the world. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

Jeunesse Global allows customers to shine with beauty through Luminesce

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are not yet household names. But the company that they founded back in 2009, Jeunesse Global has become one of the most popular brands in the global cosmetics and health business. The company has experience absolutely phenomenal growth, growing from a garage-based hobby business into a billion-dollar company in just short of nine years. Today, Jeunesse Global count tens of thousands of distributors among its ranks serving millions of customers worldwide.

All of this growth was the product of a simple stroke of serendipity. Founders Ray and Lewis had recently decided to try out the life of retirement. After more than four decades of building some of the most successful companies in the North American direct-selling business, Ray and Lewis had decided that they would like to sit back and enjoy some of the fruits of their decade-long labor, spending more time with each other as well as their increasingly large number of grandchildren.

But Ray and Lewis quickly discovered that the retired life was not anything like what they had imagined it. Rather than having an enjoyable time while playing shuffleboard and sipping tropical drinks by the side of the pool, the innately industrious couple quickly grew restless, longing for the excitement and sense of purpose that came with running their own business and interacting with motivated and intelligent people. Before they knew it, the couple was back spending more than 60 hours per week growing their neonate enterprise. They quickly brought on board some of the top direct-selling experts in the world who helped them to begin growing the business at breakneck speed.

But the real secret behind the incredible growth of Jeunesse Global has been the ability of the company to spot underserved market niches and to quickly develop highly effective products to fill those market gaps. One example of such a product is a company’s moisturizer and skincare lotion, Luminesce. Luminesce not only performs admirably as a standalone skincare lotion and moisturizer, but it also is able to pack one of the most powerful anti-aging punches of any product currently on the market. This is due to the fact that it includes the company’s proprietary anti-aging formula, APT-200.


Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal Complete The Aspire

The Aspire, a modern housing project that was started several months ago has been completed. People who are based in New Jersey and are in search of great and modern residential houses are welcome to visit the facility and choose the house of their choice. According to the Boraie Development, there are over two hundred and thirty units in the project. All of the residential houses in this facility have the state of the art features, and their primary goal is to enable people to have the experience they have been dreaming about. The Aspire has a great location, meaning that it is easy to access the building from all corners of the state.

People who currently have cars should worry about the safety of their cars when they start renting the facility. The residents in this place are allowed to enjoy great parking, and they do not have to worry about the safety of their cars. The recreation places are unique and entertaining to all members of the community. People who want to live in the facility can enjoy all the shopping activities they have been dreaming about. The modern features in this area have made it one of the most sought in New Jersey and its environs. This great project has been made possible by two individuals. Shaquille O’Neal and Sam Boraie planned and executed the plan to build the house, and they are happy about how things have turned out.

Shaquille O’Neal was brought up in New Jersey, and he always had the chance to play with the various clubs that were available in New Brunswick. There were so many things to be proud about in this region, but with time, buildings started getting worn out, and the beautiful city was no longer attractive to the people who were coming to visit. Many residents started to look for alternative places to live because they felt that the buildings were too old. The modern consumer is always interested in beautiful housing, and this means that it was very difficult to impress them. To see more you can visit boraie.com


Boraie Development gave Shaquille a helping hand so that he could help in reviving the beautiful city back to its former glory. Although there are many organizations that are performing well in the city, few saw the need to refurbish the old buildings. The founder of Boraie Development shared a vision with Shaquille, and this is why they have been working together so well. You can checkout crunchbase.com for more details.



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